Dragon Hollow Adventure - Hunt Details

Dragon Hollow Adventure

The Mystery of the Missing Dragon!

Welcome adventurers, we need your help! Everyone's favorite Dragon Lucky has gone missing! Can you go around the park solving puzzles to gather more information about where he might be hiding?

This game will require you to have a mobile device with a camera. Some puzzles may require two people. Appropriate for ages 5 and up! This game can only be played when Dragon Hollow park is open, so check before you buy!

If you have any questions about this hunt, please contact Big Sky Breakout by email at info@bigskybreakout.com or by phone at +1 406-493-0528.

Location: Missoula, MT, USA
Created By: Big Sky Breakout
Duration: about 30 minutes
Team Size: up to 6
Language: English

Price: $10.99 USD / team