MaPP Challenge '20 | Play-at-Home - Hunt Details

MaPP Challenge '20 | Play-at-Home

Mindy Jonas and the Enigmatic Legacy

This hunt has printable materials.

For the first time, Mathematical Puzzle Programs is proud to present its annual MaPP Challenge mathematical puzzlehunt in a convenient play-at-home format. Unlike traditional math competitions, the MaPP Challenge doesn't test players on their knowledge of algebra or calculus, but instead gets people having fun utilizing their problem-solving skills to tackle a variety of logical puzzles wrapped in a fun adventure-movie-inspired theme. This game is appropriate for 7th grade students, 12th grade students, college students, puzzle enthusiasts, or anyone interested in a fun and unique mathematical puzzle challenge! Visit for more information.

If you have any questions about this hunt, please contact Mathematical Puzzle Programs by email at

Location: Anywhere
Created By: Mathematical Puzzle Programs
Duration: about 4 hours
Team Size: unlimited
Language: English

This hunt is not currently available for sale.