The Secrets of the Shields - Play at Home Edition - Hunt Details

The Secrets of the Shields - Play at Home Edition

Follow a trail of puzzles and riddles through the streets of Oxford to uncover an ancient mystery

Something has been stolen. A mysterious box, left for the police with a cryptic note, sets you off on a trail of clues that will lead you around the city of Oxford. But there is more to the theft than meets the eye. An ancient mystery is hidden in the shields of Oxford and you will have to uncover the secrets to recover the treasure.

Can you solve The Secrets of the Shields?

This was originally designed as an outdoor puzzle hunt around the streets of Oxford, but we have edited it to make it playable from home. Some puzzles can be solved using Google Street View, for some we've added photos/links to the information you need, and a couple of clues have been rewritten to fit the new constraints. We know it's not a substitute for adventuring around a beautiful University City, but we hope it gives you a flavour of the real experience while you're stuck indoors!

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Location: Anywhere
Created By: Mind Maze
Duration: about 4 hours
Team Size: up to 6
Language: English

Price: £7.99 GBP / team