A Love-ly Cambridge Puzzle Hunt - Hunt Details

A Love-ly Cambridge Puzzle Hunt

An introductory puzzle hunt for enthusiastic beginners

This love-themed puzzle hunt involves walking around Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. Teams of 4 are ideal (it makes a great weekend day double date), but any team size from 1 to 5 will work.

All locations are accessible until at least 5pm (though most are closed on holidays). The best time to start is noon on Saturday, but any time from 10am-2pm on Saturday or Sunday, or even any time up to 5pm Monday-Thursday should work. You can always pause between clues and resume later.

You should bring:
• scratch paper and pencils
• a fully charged smartphone for everyone on the team
Location: Cambridge, MA
Created By: Spidere
Duration: about 5 hours
Team Size: up to 5

DASH Discount

Price: $19.99 USD $9.99 USD / team