Joshua Tree: ALIEN ADVENTURE - Hunt Details


Explore the ALIEN SECRETS of Joshua Tree While Solving Clues

This hunt uses Zappar!

This hunt has printable materials.

Joshua Tree: ALIEN ADVENTURE will take you on an interstellar journey throughout the Joshua Tree area creating 18 spectacular experiences that will remain with you forever.

YOU are OUR kind of people. We are UFO enthusiasts too so you are definitely friends in our book! We like to think of our desert as Area 52, the unknown TOP SECRET UFO location that gets overlooked by the rest of the world. Joshua Tree is ULTRA connected to huge military bases, PROJECT BLUE BOOK, UFOs, Howard Hughes, Government Conspiracy, Giant Rock, George Van Tassel, and all kinds of UFO secrets!

We will have you start and finish at the same location, the Joshua Tree Visitor Center (JTVC). We did that so your team can always have a "home base." As you visit each unique location, we will challenge your mind with puzzles, ciphers, clues, and riddles. Solve each one to move on to the next location or choose to skip the clue and move on. We make sure you will have fun and complete the WHOLE adventure. We will take you no further than a 12-mile radius from your starting location so have no fear about the distance. You’ll still be close by. Even though you won’t be driving “far”, visiting these 18 eccentric locations will take you 2-3 hours so plan accordingly.

Your friends and family and social media followers will absolutely love the extreme backdrops and odd objects you will encounter along the way. We promise you... your social media is going to absolutely explode. We guarantee that you will be amazed. Don’t just visit the park, see what the UFO side of Joshua Tree is really all about!

-The Secret Tours Team-


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Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Created By: The Secret Tours LLC
Duration: about 3 hours
Team Size: up to 20
Language: English

Limited to first 100 Adventurers.

Price: $79.99 USD $29.99 USD / team