Discover Chingford, A London Village - Hunt Details

Discover Chingford, A London Village

From forest hamlet to London suburb

Derived from Anglo-Saxon, Chingford is thought to mean "the ford of the dwellers by the stumps".

Originally the whole parish of Chingford lay within the ancient Forest of Essex. Spread over three forest hamlets, it was a scattered farming community. Today Chingford is a suburb of London on the London/Essex border that sits on the edge of Epping Forest.

The Chingford Green conservation area includes a variety of interesting buildings showing Chingford’s development over two hundred years from a small rural community to a suburb of modern London. There are also a number of listed buildings on the edge of Epping Forrest,

Discover the history of the area combined with a trip to the Epping Forest countryside.

Starting at Chingford Station this adventure combines a treasure hunt with 16 questions around the “urban” part of Chingford (including the conservation area). One clue will require you to climb Pole Hill via a dirt track. This may be strenuous for some players. Please take care when climbing the hill, especially if it is muddy.

Following the hunt, the adventure continues with an optional exploration of the Epping Forest area of Chingford. Players can visit some listed buildings, as well as spend time in “The View” learning the story and history of the forest. There are no clues to answer for this section and this part can be completed at your own pace.

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Location: Chingford, London, UK
Created By: Treasure Hunts in London (Invitation To Events)
Duration: about 3 hours
Team Size: up to 6
Language: English

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Price: £29.99 GBP £4.99 GBP / team