Fairytale in the City - Hunt Details

Fairytale in the City

Discover hidden heritage around the Spitalfields area of London

Have fun with friends and family as you discover heritage hidden behind virtual eggs around London.
This hunt area extends about a mile and a half from Liverpool Street Station. It can be run as a simple walking tour. An adult must accompany minors.

Spitalfields, settled by the Romans, was mainly fields until the French Protestant refugees called the Huguenot moved to the area 1685. They established the silk industry and were joined by Irish weavers from the 1730s, following a decline in the Irish linen industry.

Little Red Hen has weaved her way around London, from Liverpool Street to Brick Lane. As she travelled, she placed virtual eggs covering various items of heritage. The items hidden all have a Fairy Tale or nursery rhyme connection.

Your task is to follow Little Red Hen's route and uncover the fairy-tale and nursery rhyme connections as you hunt for virtual eggs.

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Location: Spitalfields, London, UK
Created By: Treasure Hunts in London (Invitation To Events)
Duration: about 3 hours
Team Size: up to 5
Language: English

End of Hunt Discount

Price: £29.99 GBP £4.99 GBP / team