City Police - Sins and Secrets - Hunt Details

City Police - Sins and Secrets

Become a Detective for the afternoon as you follow the clues left by your suspect. A fun way to discover hidden parts of London. Set around the City of London including St. Pauls, Barbican and Farringdon.

You'll find yourself on your first day as a detective inspector in the City of London. What seems like a simple petty crime becomes far more complicated and leads you on a sinister adventure.

This treasure hunt around the City will involve deciphering old clues, finding your way around twisting streets, and uncovering the evidence that will help you solve the crime.

Whilst on the tail of the suspect you'll discover hidden parts of the city, take in some of London's breathtaking sights and stop off in a Ye Olde pub or two.

Starting point Farringdon. This hunt can be done on any day of the week, and has a recommended start time between 8am and 4pm.
Location: Farringdon, London, UK
Created By: Urban Hunts
Duration: about 3 hours
Team Size: up to 6

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Price: £24.99 GBP £19.99 GBP / team